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Blog Title: Are smart thermostats worth their prices?

Main Que: Are smart thermostats worth their prices?

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  • Query By: Mike Clarke (Tucson, AZ)
  • Date: 10/21/2016

Answer: Yes, they are. They are a bit expensive. But as evident from the name they allow you wireless operation. You can access them from a remote location. These also learn your lifestyle, preferences, and adjust the operation of your HVAC accordingly. They also customize their operation accordingly to factors like outside temperature and humidity. You can control the climate in your home remotely. Thy will show you energy consumption in real-time and also how much time it requires to cool or heat your house. Therefore you can set a temperature which will not be way down to cool the house faster. You can ask them to shut off as soon as you leave for work and get started to make the house warm and toasty as you get inside. All this can be done from your phone or a webapp.

  • Replied By: M. Bryant (Akron, OH)
  • Replied Date: 10/24/2016