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Blog Title: What are the differences between central and split air conditioners?

Main Que: What are the differences between central and split air conditioners?

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  • Query By: KAREN H (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Date: 10/24/2016

Answer: Central air conditioners and ductless split air conditioners are two different cooling units which has a set of properties, advantages, and disadvantages of their own. Most often it is seen that there is a dilemma when it comes to choosing between the central air conditioning system and the ductless split air conditioners. Let us make a comparative study between the two different units.In the very first place, split air conditioners are more flexible than the central air conditioners. It means that the indoor air handler unit can be installed at any place of one’s choice when it comes to the ductless split air conditioner. While the central air conditioners are bulky units and cannot be installed in any place.A central air conditioner can cool a larger space at once through the connected ducts while the split air conditioners are not able to do that.The level of difficulty associated with the installation of ductless split air conditioners is more than that of central air conditioners. At the same time, the price of split air conditioners is also more than that of central air conditioners.Split air conditioners have the facility of zoned comfort which means the temperatures of different rooms can be set as per requirement while for central air conditioners the thermostat is set at one level and there is similar cooling in all the rooms of the house.As far as the efficiency of both these units is concerned, they are almost the same. However, one needs to choose wisely between the two units based on individual requirement.

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  • Replied Date: 10/25/2016